Accepted Artwork

Wholesale Retail Bags accepts a wide variety of industry-standard file formats. BUT if you only have low quality artwork, don't stress, our graphic artists are pretty clever at turning a quality print out of just about anything.

To ensure your job is processed as quickly as possible, please convert all fonts to curves prior to sending us artwork.

  • PDF (.pdf)
    PDF is our prefered file format
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
    Illustrator is fully supported, internally we use Adobe Illustrator as our prefered software package.
  • EPS (.eps)
    EPS is a print industry standard vector format.
  • Jpeg (.jpg) and PNG (.png)
    Bitmap images must be 300dpi or higher, CMYK for highest colour accuracy.

The GIF file format is limitted to 72dpi, which isn't high enough resolution for printing.

We do accept Corel Draw format, but if the artwork is full of clipping makethe best interchange format is EPS.

Vector Images and Bitmap Images

The print industry utilises two main types of images. Vector images store lines and shapes, they can be resized without losing quality. Bitmap images are like a chessboard with each square allocated an individual colour, they cannot be resized without losing quality. A bitmap image is like a photo of a building, and vector image is like the blueprint for the building. Bitmap images are fine provided they are 300 dpi or higher. DPI means "dots per inch", or basically the amount of detail in the image.


RGB and CMYK are the two colour scales images are available in. RGB is the prescence of light, and CMYK is the abscence of light.

The print industry is based on CMYK, and the web design industry is based on RGB.

When a customer is using a photo they've sourced from the internet, it's almost always going to be in RGB format. Converting from RGB to CMYK isn't a problem - we just can't guarantee the exact shade of the colour you're looking for because there's variance between the two colour scales. We can convert it though and send you the CMYK version for approval prior to printing.

For the highest colour accuracy we request clients provide us with a pantone number for each colour in their design, preferably by adding pantone swatches in Illustrator.

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