Jute and Juco Bags

Wholesale Retails Bags stocks a wide and affordable range of Jute and Juco bags. Jute is a natural vegetable fibre that can be spun easily into a basic fibrous thread, and then fashioned into jute fabric, which you would most commonly known as hessian or burlap. As a naturally occurring fibre, it's 100% bio-degradable, has a low carbon footprint, offers extremely high strength, and the jute plant has very low watering requirements. Jute is an all-round environmental winner.

Juco is simply a blend of Jute and cotton, which offers a finer weave in the finished bag. Juco fabric is softer to the touch than jute, and this flatter finish to the bag (from a tighter weave) enhances the quality of the print we're able to place on the bag. We ask customers to keep in mind that the coarse fibre weave in jute will affect print quality, a basic logo print is fine, but a better print result for small fonts and fine detail will be achieved on our calico range of bags.

Both jute and juco are used extensively in the fashion and retail industries.

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